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In this regard, it does not matter whether that is a failure in the communication channels of the data center where the trading server is located or technical problems on the counterparty's side, or any other problems.

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Each case is considered individually, however, the company, acting in accordance with the general rule, does not shift responsibility to its technology providers or liquidity providers, and acts as the entity solely liable to the client. This is not only a requirement set by financial regulators but is also an integral tool to protect investors from broker insolvency. Under no circumstances can the company use client funds, kept in special bank accounts, for its operating activities.

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Moreover, to support unconditional solvency, ForexChief does not transfer client funds to liquidity provider accounts, but instead uses its own funds to carry out counterparty margin requirements, when placing client orders into the market. Services are provided by ForexChief Ltd. In addition, the line of account types has "cent" accounts, where the balance size can be used not only for reduction of centru de tranzacționare cent risks, but also for testing trading conditions, in general.

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